What is Carbon Zero Challenge 2019 ?

Carbon Zero Challenge 2019 is a green business contest hosted by IIT Madras in collaboration with Virtusa and Shaastra 2019 . It aims to motivate and nurture youth and professionals to identify pertinent energy and environment challenges in high impact sectors in India and find innovative solutions to address them

What is unique about Carbon Zero Challenge 2019?

Carbon Zero Challenge 2019 is an All India Innovation contest.CZeroC uniqueness lies in its multi-stage support.It not only seeks innovative ideas but additionally funds the best teams to build working prototypes teams , provides mentorship support and online enterpreneurship training

What are the thematic areas provided by Carbon Zero Challenge 2019?

Thematic areas are :agriculture,industries,transportation,urban areas & cities,water & waste management

Who can apply?

• Currently enrolled students, recent graduates in their undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and post-doctorate in Science, Engineering, Humanities and other streams.

• Students pursuing B.Sc/ M.Sc

• Aspiring to be Entrepreneurs

• Early stage start-ups

• Subject experts

• Self-employed/own business

• Employed

• Freelancer

• Startup seeking incubation

How to apply?

First register at the czeroc.iitm.ac.in website(Student/startup page).This will lead you to get access to the YouNoodle application form. Read the rules of the contest before starting your application.

When does the application close?

The application closes on July 22, 2018.

What are the prerequisites for student team formation?

• Every team must have a team lead identified at the time of application.

• A team can have up to 5 members.

• The teams must have a faculty member from their own college as local mentor.
• Atleast one team member should be from pre-final year or junior years.

• Suggesting one member to be from marketing / finance background .Diversity in the team helps

• The teams can comprise of students from different universities provided the team lead’s university becomes the primary coordinating university.

What are the prerequisites for start-up team formation?

• Every team must have a team lead identified at the time of application.

• The startups must have a valid registration and a bank account.

What does CZeroC 2019 offer?

Upto 25 teams will be shortlisted after selection by Jury and reviews;
These teams will receive following benefits

• Upto Rs. 5 lakhs for prototype development

• Advisory for patenting of your innovation/idea

• Mentorship by technical and business experts

• Liaising with industry for problem identification

• Entrepreneurship training and certification

• Winning team will receive start-up support fund for preincubation/incubation depending upon team’s progress.

If Carbon Zero Challenge 2018 participants can also apply for CZeroC 2019?

Yes, you can participate provided you have done some improvements to your idea/prototype. The improvements could be in the areas of market research/customer discovery, improvement of prototype based on customer feedback and others

Do I receive any cash prize if I am shortlisted?

Also please see response to Ques: What does CZeroC 2019 offer?

Further funding and providing media visibility to winning teams (after Demo day) to get to next level of their journey is planned. A small cash prize will also be given to the winning teams.

Do I have an opportunity to select industry relevant problems from CZeroC website?

Yes, problems are being listed in website . You should definitely go through them and select them if they interest you. Possibility of being mentored well for those problems is high.