Participate as Students



How to apply for CZeroC 2019


Step 1
Register here on this page


Step 2
You will be redirected to YouNoodle application page where you will submit details about your contest idea


Step 3
Login using a Facebook account, or LinkedIn account. Alternatively, you can create a YouNoddle account and login to start your application.


Step 4
Click on ‘Create a New Application’ and start your application as team.

Deadline for completed submissions on Younoodle July 22nd, 2018.

(Please plan to spend 2-3 hours for providing details about your submission through Younoodle. Teams that are still developing their idea may need to plan for more time to address the questions in the application)
If you need further help, reach us at  +91-949-807-0046.

Fill this form to register as a Student Team

Application round for CZeroC 2019 is open till July 22, 2018.

Teams are required to fill a joint application form followed by a personal form to be submitted by each team member. Start your application at the earliest.